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I can’t believe it’s already June, I hope you all had an amazing May!! I only have a few more weeks of school and I’m so excited for summer adventures!! Back to this post though, I went to Target earlier this month and picked up a bunch of new (& cruelty free!) products so I’ve tried lots of new things which calls for a favorites post. These are some of the things I’ve picked up that I’ve been loving this month.

One of the best ever spot treatments is the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion!! If you read my skincare routine you would know how annoying my skin can be and how I can struggle with cystic acne and this helps with that so much. I just dip in a Q-tip and dot this on any breakouts every night and they’re so much better in the morning!! I literally refer to this as the “miracle pink stuff” because it’s just so amazing.

If you read my post on my ten minute makeup look, you would know that I wasn’t loving my previous concealer and that I had bought this!! The Makeup Revolution Concealer must be the best drugstore concealer there is. This is literally $6 but it was hard to find, Ulta and Target kept being sold out of it but I eventually found it! It was obviously a very popular product, I first heard about it from Jefree Star and then after seeing it in a bunch of Twitter threads I had to pick it up. It is so full coverage and will hide everything from your breakouts to your biggest secrets 😉

Now that I have shared the best drugstore concealer, here’s the best drugstore foundation! The Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation doesn’t clog my skin and it gives the perfect finish to my skin. It’s just the best to be honest, it’s my favorite and is even better than the expensive foundations at Sephora. It gives great coverage, isn’t cakey, cheap and just is everything good!! I also love so much that this is cruelty-free since I’m trying to replace all my non-cruelty-free with ones that are cruelty-free.

If you remembered in some of my old posts where I used the L’Oreal BB Cream but I recently picked up the Pacifica BB Cream!! Another thing I love about this BB Cream is the brand Pacifica because they are also vegan and cruelty-free. Look at how cute this packaging is too, loving the pink and gold aesthetic!! This BB Cream also has minerals which my friend told me help with breakouts so that’s cool and I’ll let you know if I notice a difference…

Okay so I’m definitely a very pale person and I’m definitely not trying to get sunburnt and then get skin cancer so I did some research and picked up the Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer! I’ve only been using this for around a week and its already working amazing!! It doesn’t have any kind of weird smell or anything and it doesn’t stain your clothes which were two worries of fake tanning. It also is a really good moisturizer so it’s just amazing wow. Since it’s gradually tanning which is important because it makes it seem less fake because I wouldn’t be super pale one day and then the next day be a bronze goddess.

Lets be honest here, what’s the point of spending time on your makeup if it doesn’t even stay on past lunch?? I previously didn’t use setting spray because I thought that powder was enough. That was until I bought the NYX Dewy Setting Spray. This seriously makes your makeup stay on forever and I love the dewy finish so much!! I’m not a huge fan of matte finishes so I always go for the dewy option and it totally fits the summery looks I’ve been loving.

I’ve mentioned it before but I’m absolutely obsessed with Pretty Little Liars!! I’m literally watching it as I’m writing this… This is literally the best show on Netflix I’m not even joking. It’s a great mystery plot and I love the plot, it never gets boring or old. I’m over halfway done and when I finish I’m going to be so sad!! If you’ve seen it, which is your favorite? I love Hannah the most probably but they’re all such great characters.

Another thing I’ve been loving is chill music!! Previously I’d listened to mostly pop and rap music but recently I’ve been loving chill music and some faith music too. I made this playlist called “travel & chill” and it’s amazing!! It has some songs by “Peachy!” which I’ve been loving, some Rex Orange County songs, Khalid, Louis the Child etc. It’s also perfect for long car rides and travelling which is where the name comes from. I made a new Spotify recently and it’s “carlyallison” now instead of “artsysmartz123” so follow that instead!!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and have an amazing day!!

Love, Carly Allison

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