day in my life: school, friends + volleyball

• 3.2.18 •

I feel like day in my life posts are kinda like a vlog? Well those are my favorite youtube videos to watch, so I love to make the blog version!! I think they can really help you get to know the blogger better but what she does in a day 🙂

This day was a half day at school because of a district meeting, so afterwards I had some friends over and that night I had a volleyball tournament!

After waking up to a “wonderful” alarm, I go to the bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth and do my skincare routine. Then I head on over to my desk to do my makeup. I always watch YouTube videos while I do my makeup and it’s just a great time! This morning I was binge watching Olivia Vargus. I do my everyday makeup and whatever eyeshadow I’m in the mood for 🙂

Here’s the eyeshadow I did today, an shimmery, orange, nude look (tutorial here)

After eating breakfast I came back upstairs, put my hair in a quick ponytail and changed. Here’s my ootd; striped shirt from Garage, jeans from Macy’s and a green jacket also from Macy’s.

Then me and my dad drove to school, “yay!” As I mentioned though, today was only a half day so it was better/easier than normal lol.

I’m taking Science, Algebra (ew), PE, Orchestra, English and U.S. History this semester. I’m in 8th grade if you were wondering!

After school (it ended around 11 am because of the meeting in the afternoon, we usually end at 2:30), two friends and I went to Whole Foods for lunch! I love their pizza so much, especially the crust… We also got smoothies/protein shakes with it.

Isn’t this picture they took on my phone fantastic?? I agree, the quality is so sharp!

We had such a great time just catching up on our weeks and taking polaroids 🙂

Before my volleyball tournament we made this Berry-Spinach smoothie. But you can’t taste any spinach!! It’s like hidden in the berries, which is perfect cause I’m not a spinach fan…

add to blender :

  • raspberries
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • any type of milk
  • yogurt
  • and spinach!

Then just blend, blend and blend your smoothie! While I was making my smoothie, I noticed this cool little rainbow reflecting in the smoothie??

I love this smoothie cause it sneaks in the healthy spinach, but just tastes like fruit!

Pretty soon after it was time for volleyball and to drive my friends home, so I changed into my “uniform” (spandex, t-shirt, knee pads and volleyball shoes). After dropping off my friends, my mom and I picked up my sister. Then they dropped me off at my tournament around six pm!

Tournament time! It wasn’t a big tournament, it was just inside of the training I was doing, but it was really fun! It was about 3 hours and I think we played 3 games/rounds 🙂

Don’t I make the best faces when I play…

After my tournament I took a nice hot shower. When I got out I used the Lush Mask of Magnanimity!

Before going to sleep, I watched an episode of Switched at Birth! (soo good)

<3 carly

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  1. Looks like a successful day! How come you finished school at 11AM? We finish on 3.20PM on a regular day and 2.30PM on a Wednesday! How did your volleyball tournament go?
    ~Emily xo

    1. it was just a half day that day because there was a district meeting! we always finish at 2:30 otherwise! it wasn’t a serious tournament so i’m not sure tbh, we did okay lol xo

  2. Ohh! Your day looked fuuun! I would looove playing 3 games of volleyball 🏐 its my fave! I loved this post so much Carly, I might do one myself! x 💕

  3. Sounds like a very productive day! I feel the same way about algebra (🤢) & that smoothie looks delicious!😋 —

  4. No it makes me sad when young people dont like math! I disliked it in 8th grade too (and I think I got a C in it that year) but now Im doing a PhD in engineering and I kind of like it! Dont give up on it yet 🙂 haha sorry i needed to say that. Great post otherwise!

  5. Reading these kinds of blogs are So much fun!Makes me want to write my own version of this!Also,the smoothie looked so good.Love your blog,keep writing<3

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