easy ways to be healthy 

Living a healthy lifestyle is soooooo good for you! (obviously lol) I mentioned this in my last post, but I’ve found that I feel so much more clear and happy when I’ve been eating mostly healthy and working out! I seriously can’t stress enough how much being (mostly) healthy does for you!! But I definitely struggled with this when school started and I got really busy again, so here are some easy ways to be healthy.

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I definitely think the biggest thing for living a healthy lifestyle is food! I recommend limiting processed foods like junk food, chips etc. But I think you shouldn’t deprive yourself too, because you’ll probably binge sooner or later and that makes you feel much worse than junk food here and there.

I also really don’t recommend getting caught up counting calories, instead make them good calories! A salad can be the same amount of calories as Oreo’s but which is better for you and will help your body more? Exactly.


I find it hardest to workout when I’m really busy, so 5/10 minute workout videos are so perfect! My favorite health YouTuber is “blogilates”, Cassie is so amazing!! She motivates you so much and will complete distract you from the fact you are dying from the workout, by talking as if you were just at the gym together.

Even better you can do almost all of them at home with no equipment needed making it even more convenient! I personally have volleyball practice 3-5 times a week so that gets a lot of cardio in, but I love her quick strength based ones to get stronger.

Now on to the smaller, easy tips. The easiest tip to be healthy is to drink lots of water! *sips water* It’s so good for you and you can do it while you’re doing homework, watching tv, on your phone etc.

If you’re in school and yours is anything like mine, they don’t have the best lunch options and the price can add up so pack your own lunch (healthy). I find it to be a good way to make yourself eat healthy because you have to eat and if all you have healthy food then you’ll eat that!

I find that stretching can be really great to clear your head and keep you moving. It’s also really  important to do before and after a workout to avoid injury. I really enjoy doing it while watching t.v. or youtube, listening music etc.

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Another thing that’s really good for you is drinking green tea. It’s a natural antioxidant and detox for you while giving you a light caffeine boost. I’ve made it a habit recently to drink this in the morning while I’m doing my makeup with music (spotify: artsysmartz123 ;)). It’s become the best part of my morning and really starts my day off right.

Another way to exercise in everyday life is to exercise while waiting. For example, do some squats while waiting for the microwave to finish, pushups for the toaster, jumping jacks for bath/shower water etc. It’s so easy but everything helps!!

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