13 things i’ve learned at 13

1. You can’t please everyone. Pleasing yourself should be good enough.

2. Don’t think that “you’ll be happy when this happens” or “you’ll be happy when that happens”, or you’ll spend your whole life waiting to be happy.

3. If it doesn’t make you happy, why are you doing it?

4. Be kind to everyone because kindness has endless echoes.

5. Only keep the good ones.

6. Comparison will only take away happiness.

7. Negative friends will only bring you down.

8. Don’t waste your life dwelling on the past, it’s over.

9. There are always reasons to be happy.

10. Every little thing is a blessing; appreciate each one.

11. If you do your best, you will be proud.

12. Don’t stress out over what you can’t control.

13. Love yourself❣️

I hope you enjoyed this post and take something away from it.


” What is done with love is done well” – Van Gogh

Carly Allison

blogging about everything i love :)

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  1. I love your blog! I also have an art blog! You have great topics, and I love how you put your own photos all over your blogs. There such great pictures!!

    1. thank you so much!!

  2. Hello! Your blog is really cool but I wonder: how did you manage to get so may followers in such a short time? I’ve been blgging for almost a year and I’ve got 240 folllowers now. Do you have any tips?

    1. thank you!! i’ve actually had my blog since 2015, but i deleted them for a fresh start 🙂

  3. Len and Linda Johnson says:

    Your wisdom astounds me and the photos are inspiring. You have been blessed with an amazing gift!!

    1. Thank you so so much!!

  4. Great advice for anyone at any age!

    1. Thank you!

  5. Great photos & tips! Very inspiring.

    1. Thank you!!

  6. Awh what a lovely post, and some great photos as well x

    1. Thank you so much!!

  7. Great post! Such clever thoughts are in here. Thanks for sharing.

    1. 😊 Glad you enjoyed!!

  8. I love your photos, this is great advice! xx

    1. Thank you! x

  9. I absolutely loved this post! =)

    1. Thank you😊

      1. No Problem!😋

  10. I love this. 😀 Would you mind if I did something similar on my blog for my birthday? I’ll definitely give you credit. 🙂

    1. Thank you!! Of course😊

      1. I can’t wait for your next post! ^^

        1. Aw thanks❣️

  11. I love your photos, and your tips 🙂
    Great post!

    1. Thank you!! x

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